Beauty And The Yeast

Beauty And The Yeast

Sat 11 Jun

Introducing Addenbrookes Charity Panto to be held at The Mumford Theatre, Anglia Ruskin University, East Rd, Cambridge CB1 1PT

Once upon a time, a dashing young surgeon took L’Addenbrookes by storm. He dazzled onlookers with his technical wizardry and unrivalled communication skills. Then one day things changed.

An infection with some particularly tenacious magic yeast left him irritable and grumpy. He became rude and selfish and developed a passion for belittling medical students.
His cruelty did not go unnoticed. As punishment, he was transformed into a hideous beast and his team into tiny objects. Only if a medical student were to enjoy their time on the urology ward with him could the curse be reversed.

With normality returning post-lockdown, Belle is eager to reunite with friends in Ye Olde Sherwood Room and get back on the wards. But her placement might not pan out as she expected. To help her closest pal, Maurice, she volunteers to spend the block on urology. 

Will she enjoy her time there? Can the Beast change? Will the curse be lifted? One thing’s for certain, with that tower of chiselled evil, Gaston, and his band of cronies interfering, things won’t be easy…