Statement regarding Aladdin

Statement regarding Aladdin

RED Entertainment & New Theatre Peterborough


Important concerns have been raised regarding the creative choices depicted on the 2021 poster for Aladdin at New Theatre, Peterborough. We have listened to your feedback, acknowledge our oversights and have taken immediate steps to correct them. We apologise for any offence caused.

Pantomime is a 500-year-old institution that has one chance each year to evolve and adapt to the many significant changes that have occurred in our social landscape. When it comes to equality, diversity, and inclusion, all producers should continue to listen, learn, and adapt.

This year, with the people of Peterborough in mind, we’re thrilled to share our updated and hilarious new Aladdin script in a pantomime that will appeal to all ages and backgrounds.

Matt Brinkler of Red Entertainment said; I’d like to personally reassure all patrons that RED Entertainment is committed to taking positive steps forward in the promotion of equality, diversity and inclusion. At RED Entertainment we believe theatre is for everyone.



The New Theatre, Peterborough team are strong supporters of equality, diversity and inclusion and are dedicated to improving our learning. Working closely with our partners and the creative team at RED Entertainment, we will ensure that these important values are reflected on stage.

Concerns have been raised regarding the creative makeup and costume choices depicted on the 2021 poster for Aladdin at the New Theatre, Peterborough. As a venue, we understand the importance of these creative decisions. We overlooked an important mistake here, we are sorry for this oversight and we support the immediate action taken to correct it.

We can’t wait to share the magic of pantomime with you, featuring a new and updated Aladdin story that will appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds.


Updated artwork 09/09/2021

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